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Global Slimming - Slimming & Firming Serum 150 ML

Refine your figure, firm & enhance your skin with Mangosteen extract
Instantly, skin is smoother and has a visibly improved appearance. Day after day, your figure is refined, your skin is considerably more firm. Its cool texture penetrates quickly and leaves no sticky residue.

Our Botanical Beauty researchers selected the Mangosteen extract for its ability to stimulate the destocking / elimination of fats and firm up the skin. Mangosteen extract acts on 3 levels for overall slimming effectiveness: 
  • Fights the storage of fat* 
  • Drains by stimulating microcirculation* 
  • Firms by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid* 
*In-vitro Tests
(Formula dermatologically tested)
Apply morning and evening all over the body using circular motions, concentrating on the affected areas (stomach, waist, thighs).