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Oui à l'Amour Eau de Parfum 50ml

Fruity Floral Oriental
“ Oui à l’Amour is a representation of boldness and passion! It is the unexpected encounter between a sparkling freshness and vibrant sensuality.
The crispy notes of the Angelica enhance the natural femininity of the Rose. 
This resplendent bouquet then wraps itself in the gentle warmth of the Tonka Bean combined with the elegance of the Cedar. 
Oui à l’Amour is the ally of an everlasting love. ”
Sophie Labbé, Perfumer.
Crispy and green notes for a bursting freshness.
ESSENTIAL LMR™ ROSE (exclusivetraction of the Damascena Rose)
Fresh and petally notes of a rose that has just been cut.
Almondy and warm notes for an enveloping softness. 
A woody note for an elegant trail
Cardboard for the box from sustainably managed forests.
Recyclable bottle and sleeve. Don't forget to sort your rubbish.